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What’s in a name?

(Photo credit: Elizabeth Broadbent)

What’s in a name?

So, I know that I may catch some flack for this…and I need to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Scary Mommy and her blog. I am a HUGE fan. I wake up everyday anxiously awaiting what she is going to post about. Not only can I relate to her posts; I am usually living through the same “Mommy-tastrophes” that she is. Today….today I’m struggling. You see, today she decided to write about one topic that is like nails on a chalkboard to this teacher turned REALTOR®….


Now, she’s not just talking about baby names…she’s bragging on her kids’ unusual names that she purposely picked out and how she could care less what anyone thinks. Ok. You go girl! I’m actually not even too taken back by what names she picked out. I mean, I’m still trying to understand WHY Gwyneth Paltrow named her kid Apple. So, when Scary Mommy Said her oldest is named Augustine I thought, “That’s not horrible.” The next is Blaise. Again, nothing that is going to make me want to run to the bathroom and sacrifice my breakfast to the porcelain god. You ready for the third? How crazy do you think it is? I mean the first two aren’t to out of the ordinary for today…What are you thinking? Jabba? C3PO? NOPE! SIMON! That’s right! Plain old Simon.

I know you’re thinking this is somewhat anticlimactic, right? Relax, I’m getting ready to bring the drama.

You see, she then discusses what bugs her about other people with her kids’ names is that they pronounce Augustine as: Au-gust-TEEN, instead of Au-gust-IN. HELLO! You spelled it like the town in Florida. How did she remedy this? Oh she gave him the nickname AUGUST. Really? Doesn’t really sound like much of a nickname to me. Kind of sounds like a completely different name to me. Her blood boils when Blaise is mispronounced as “BLADE” and is bothered by having to “spell it out for people.” Finally, her adorable little Simon-who is a “ray of sunshine”-goes by SUNNY. Not to be mistaken with Sonny…or she will come after you with a vengeance!

COME ON! If you want your kid to be called Au-gust-IN, then spell it: Augustin. You don’t like people mistaking “Blade” for Blaise? Well, I don’t like that people assume my son is a girl because he has the most beautiful, long, red hair. I could cut it–NOT! So I correct them and move on…MOVE ON! And Sunny. Really? Sunny. Does she know that Simon and Sunny have the same number of letters? I thought nicknames are usually something to shorten a name?

If you don’t believe me, check out the article for your self by clicking on the picture!