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Moore County Re-Districting Distress!

Moore County Re-Districting Distress!

In recent months the Moore County hive has become abuzz with  so many rumors about what is to come of the ever changing landscape of our growing community. As the population has continued to steadily increase over the past 10 years, so have the number of children enrolled in our schools. This increased enrollment has lead to the construction of new schools to accommodate for all the little “flowers” popping up in the classrooms across the municipalities. Unfortunately, some officials seem to feel that the “gardens” of learning are not spread out evenly and need to be transplanted. 

As a Realtor®, like most homeowners, I am concerned as to what this will do to property values-especially since I just received my (what I seem to feel) highly inflated tax reassessment from Moore County. As a parent, I worry how this will effect my children’s “Learning Landscape”? Will class size increase? What about funding? But my biggest concern is with the people who are MAKING THESE DECISIONS!

As a former educator who holds a Bachelors and two Masters degrees in the Education field, I’ve always been critical of those “officials” put in position to make decisions regarding education. 

Have you ever given any thought to their background?Are they even qualified to make the integral decision that impact YOUR CHILD’S/CHILDREN’S life/lives and futures? HOW did they even get into the position to make those choices for your children?  Were they elected on merit…or qualifications….or was it on popularity….random draw…or because they made a donation to your son or daughter’s t-ball team?

Before we get all up in arms about what will be decided, we need to think about WHO will be making the decision, HOW they got there, WILL  they have our children’s best interests in mind? If not, then we better get some people who will planted in that special garden!.

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