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Smart Homes Need Smart Protection: Getting to Know Smart Cameras

Recently my husband and I did away with the traditional baby monitor and installed wifi enabled cameras in our children’s rooms. So, far it has been fantastic! I mean, our daughter is ALWAYS getting herself into some sort of trouble and I am able to keep an eye on what she is doing and have been able to prevent….well, probably 50% of the toddler torment Sassy Samantha causes on a daily basis…and Brian…he’s definitely getting 20 more minutes of sleep a night now that the illegal drag races he was running under his covers have been shut down by Sheriff Mom thanks to my Genie cam. Sounds like a parent’s dream, right? Sure…until you realize some creeper hacked into our internet and is now watching every move our children are making for his/her private enjoyment…#NOTINMYHOUSE 


Click on the picture to read my latest blog post to read about choosing the right kind of smart camera for your home to keep you and your loved ones safe!